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Multi-Purpose Air Ducts

Designed for connection between engine exhaust manifold and the air cleaner as a carburetor preheat duct. In addition, this durable, flexible, multi-purpose hose can be used in vehicle cabin ventilation as an air or defroster hose or an emission control hose.


Tube Kraft Paper
Cover Kraft Paper
Temperature Range Max Surface Temperature 250°F (121°C)
Reinforcement Aluminum
Branding No brand
Length 3' (individually packed)
Installation Can be installed with or without worm gear clamps. Cut to size with long-bladed knife.


Part # Diameter (in.) Length (in.) Bend Radius (in.)
65912 3/4 36 1-1/8
65924 1-1/2 36 2-1/4
65928 1-3/4 36 2-5/8
65932 2 36 3

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