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Hose Merchandiser

An attractive merchandiser to display, organize and dispense your fuel line hose, windshield washer tubing, fuel injection hose and heater hose. The merchandiser consists of two parts. The individual parts can be used separately or combined to form a single convenient freestanding merchandiser. The top cabinet (part number 65080) holds nine 25' spools of fuel hose or wiper tubing. This cabinet can be placed on a counter, fastened to a wall or attached to the lower heater hose rack (part number 65081). The top cabinet comes stenciled with part numbers for the nine most popular fuel and wiper tubing hoses. Labels are included to change these part numbers if desired. The lower heater hose rack holds three sizes of the most popular heater hose.

The merchandiser is also sold as a package that includes the top cabinet and the lower heater hose rack, completely stocked with hose.

Hose Part # ID (in.)
Black Heater Hose 65000 1/2" x 50'
  65004 5/8" x 50'
  65009 3/4" x 50'
30R7 Fuel Hose 65126 1/4" x 25'
  65127 5/16" x 25'
  65128 3/8" x 25'
Tubing 65113 7/64" x 50'
  65111 5/32" x 50'
  65112 7/32" x 50'

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