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Elite® automotive V-belts are manufactured with the latest EPDM rubber compounds, providing higher heat and abrasion resistance in even the toughest under-hood conditions. The result is greater wear resistance for an exceptional belt life. A polyester tensile member improves dimensional stability, controlling elongation and limiting belt slip.

Engineered and manufactured to SAE dimensions:
The high-traction rubber edges match perfectly to the automotive SAE pulley, providing positive, no-slip contact with pulley grooves for reliable energy transfer.

Designed and constructed for maximum mileage:
Fiber-reinforced, rubber helical cogs improve flexibility, reducing cracking and fatigue in the cushion section of the belt.

Matchmaker® System:

Elite® V-belts are manufactured to consistent dimensions with belt lengths within matching tolerances. This is our Matchmaker® System, and it assures you that every belt of the same length can be used as a matched set on those drives using multiple belts.

Available in 8/32", 10/32", 13/32", 15/32" and 17/32" widths.


Tension Members High strength Vytacord® tension members resist shockload failure. Their low elongation properties assure uniform performances over the service life of the belt.
Cogs Fiber-reinforced helical cogs offer flexibility thereby reducing cracking and fatigue in the cushion section
Full V Design Rubber edge maintains positive no slip contact with pulley grooves and provides efficient energy transfer
Matchmaker® Manufactured with precise tolerances and exacting quality
Designed to perform in pulleys meeting SAE J636 and SAE J1459

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