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Timing Belts

Timing belts are used to time the cam shafts to the crank shaft, a job that requires precision. Elite® Timing Belts with OE Solutions Technology give you just that, with perfect OE form, fit and function for best-in-class performance.

Each and every belt and custom-assembled, all-inclusive kit meets or exceeds OE recommendations and is designed for optimum durability. Elite® Timing Belts are available in many cross sections and compounds, with expanded coverage to fit millions of domestic and import vehicles.

To prevent a big repair bill, it is crucial to have timing belts replaced before they fail. Elite's timing belts provide the quality customers trust.

Elite® Timing Belts are engineered to OE specs and made to last

  • Precision-molded teeth with enhanced rubber compounds and tooth profiles specific to the vehicle and OEM requirements
  • Belt compounds are formulated to resist tooth deformity and improve tooth rigidity for longer belt life
  • Premium polymers provide exceptional heat and abrasion resistance
  • Belt reinforcement with fiberglass or aramid cords for better resistance to shrinkage and elongation

Various automotive, light truck foreign and domestic engines (DOHC, SOHC and OPPOSED)


Tooth Profiles Trapezoidal, Curvilinear and Modified Curvilinear
Precision Molded Teeth Synthetic polymers provide the height strength, shear resistance and environmental resistance needed to assure long, dependable life.
Tooth Facing Fabric The sprocket side of the timing belt has specially woven fabric that has been chemically treated to reduce friction and provide outstanding resistance to abrasion and heat.
Tensil Cord Cord is dimensionally stable treated fiberglass, that resists shrinking and elongation.
Oil-Resistant Backing Polymers provide exceptional heat, abrasion and ozone resistance to protect the timing belt throughout desired service life.

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